2000AD #1795 Review

In another week’s issue of 2000AD, lies another combination of quality story telling, unique concepts and good old fashioned science fiction.

First up, as always, is Judge Dredd. This latest arc is certainly interesting, and not without its fair share of action. The main beauty and depth in this issue is the various opinions of the judges and civilians; there is a real sense of a divided opinions in the middle of a conflict that carries across well. Of course, its still Judge Dredd, so a lot of criminals get shot, too.

Next up is The Red Seas. This story is definitely getting exciting, with its combination of weird and wonderful. Its a difficult story to follow, if only because its set in such a bizarre alternative universe, but its very very fun to read. Whether its the sense of humor, or the in-depth tribute to the arcane and mythological, The Red Seas certainly grabs attention.

Following this is Aquila. This title certainly has a unique concept, and this issues sample is defiantly action packed.  The mythological side adds a lot of charm and flavor, but the basic premise itself is engaging enough. The main character might not be the most likeable, but this only makes it for interesting.

Next is Grievous Journey of Ichabod Azrael. This issue puts more focus on Charon, giving him more light and depth. This helps the series  a lot, as he has until now simply been “the bad guy”; giving him definition makes the story more gripping. As for Ichabod himself, he finally gets his own way a little in this issue. In what is otherwise a bleak story, the little glimpses of hope for Ichabod keep this title rooted in humanity.

Finally, there is the continuation of Lenny Zero. This sci-fi take on the crime thriller genre is coming together well, as this issue sees the team assembled. With a host of interesting characters, including Lenny’s personal back story, there’s enough character-driven focus here to keep the plot going. The ‘heist’ itself is certainly going to be exciting, anyway.



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