2000AD #1788 Review

Its good to see that after 1787 issues, 2000 AD is still able to deliver with various forms of old school science fiction.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2000 AD without some Judge Dredd. There’s nothing entirely new here, its a gritty city set in a dark future. The art style still throws back to older days, with a style that is undeniably 2000 AD. It may not have the fresh updates of other titles, but Judge fans will find little to complain about here.

Durham Red, likewise, offers a more colorful glimpse of the future, yet still with an old school design and vibe. The plots fairly generic – two prisoners escaping from a prison – but it does the job well.

Grey Area is something more fresh and modern for the title. The artwork is more realistic, and the style and tone of the plot itself is more fitting with current story telling. It makes for an interesting read, and certainly stands out amongst the pages.  An undercover-thriller, it focuses on the police in a different manner to Judge Dredd (silly shoulder pads aplenty though).

Likewise, Future Shocks is an excellent short story. It takes a unique concept and runs with it from start to finish. In only a few short pages it takes its ideas and does what it can to establish such a world. The black and white artwork might irritate some, which is a shame because the underlying story is well written and put together.

Finally, the issue rounds off with some Nikolai Dante. I’m not too familiar with the character, but the title does depict a more fantastical future that makes a nice change. Unfortunately, very little was in this segment; it mainly focused on the titular Nikolai doing a lot of talking and generally being rather charming. After this long, some readers might have hoped for a bit more character development. On the other hand, it meets its expectations.

In short, 2000 AD #1788 is a reasonably good issue. There’s plenty of good science fiction within it, and the content is varied enough that it does its job of highlighting the various forms of sci-fi comics available.




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  • http://Amecon.org Keiichi

    A bit more character development?! Dude, Nikolai Dante has been running since 1997. In each of the last two story arcs, one of the main antagonists got offed. Nikolai is about to marry Jena, and there’s only the former Tsar left standing against him from the shadows. And on top of that, Sympathy For The Devil is the FINAL Nikolai Dante serial.

    Call me crazy, but I don’t think there’s that much more development room left…

    • Edward

      Thanks for the input. I’m not as familiar with the material as you are, so you have more insight than me. I understand the characters been going for some time, meaning there aren’t many possibilities for development left. Yet, as a stand alone issue I didn’t feel there was much to it, but that’s just my personal opinion.

      In the context of the wider story, I imagine its much, much better and has more significance and meaning. Anyway, thanks for the comment.