The Dark Knight Rises

Snippets Of New Footage In Clips For The Dark Knight Rises And New Bad-Ass TV Spot

Warner Bros. has entered a partnership with Chrysler, setting up a new site called Imported From Gotham City, which enables American geeks to create their own TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises through clips and audio sounds provided. There wasn’t much point in providing 27 pages of 2-second clips, as basically everything is from […]

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The Dark Knight Rises’ marathon and midnight tickets went on sale today!

You may not have noticed, but today tickets for the Dark Knight Rises went on sale at local theaters and digital ticket outlets (such as Fandango) in the United States. Not just the midnight showings went up, but tickets for trilogy showings that will sport all three Christopher Nolan directed Batman films, back-to-back-to-back all leading up to the midnight […]

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