The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is on pace to score big at the box office!

This shouldn’t be a shock to any moviegoers out there, but speculation regarding how big the opening will be for The Dark Knight Rises is at a fever pitch. Any box office watchers are keenly anticipating that The Dark Knight Rises will out-perform the previous film in the trilogy, but the question is by how much? According […]

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God Dammit Nolan, Stop Breaking Our Hearts. The Master Says No To Justice League

Christopher Nolan is pretty adamant about abandoning the Batman franchise after the debut of The Dark Knight Rises. We get it. He’s tapped his creative juices over the course of the past three Gotham centric films… but that won’t stop fanboys from dreaming of a united DC universe, all led under the banner of Nolan. […]

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Extended Soundtrack Samples For The Dark Knight Rises

WaterTower Music will release 30-second samples for each track on The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack each week, and this one was no exception. Well, it kind of was. Upon listening and analysing the tracks carefully, myself and a few others realised that these are just extended versions of last week’s samples. Disappointing, huh? Well, they’re […]

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