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VENOM Director Says Spinoff Will Be “Darker” (No F-ing Duh!!!)

Hey there, ladies and gentlenerds! What’s happining!? Don’t care!! So, Alex Kurtzman, co-writer of the dreadful The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and one of the overseers of the emerging “Spider-Man Cinematic Universe” is the man tasked with bringing our favorite symbiote to the big screen…Venom! I’m not here to trash talk his s**t-tacular work on The Amazing […]

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Wesley Snipes And BLADE 4! Can It Happen In The Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Hello, ladies and gentlenerds, fanboys and fangirls, vampires and werewolves! Multi-Verse is back again to give you my two cents on some of the latest crap in the world of geekdom! It was recently reported by the New York Daily News’ gossip column “Confidential” (which means you shouldn’t believe a damn thing that comes out […]

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