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Sony Developing AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Spin-Offs Other Than VENOM?

Sony’s Amy Pascal (via TheWrap) is hinting that we could see The Amazing Spider-Man franchise get it’s own film universe. Stating that supporting characters from the films could end up getting spin-offs. Venom and Green Goblin are named possibilities, but it doesn’t sound definite about the latter. A Venom movie is currently in the books with […]

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MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Racing For Release Spot In Overcrowded Summer Of 2015

George Milller’s Mad Max: Fury Road started production three years ago and now finally has a set release date of May 15th 2015. Warner Bros. has sandwiched Max between two rather large Disney movies. Placing the Tom Hardy (Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Warrior) led adrenaline fuelled action flick between The Avengers: Age of Ultron and […]

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Doug Liman Could Direct A Tom Cruise/Jack Nicholson Reunion With Comedy Flick EL PRESIDENTE

THR is reporting new development on the Warner Bros. comedy El Presidente. It’s moving forward with director Doug Liman (Bourne Identity, Mr And Mrs Smith) attaching himself. It will star Tom Cruise who recently worked with Liman on the sci-fi manga adaptation Edge of Tomorrow (All You Need Is Kill). Cruise will play a Secret Service agent […]

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David Goyer Pitching SANDMAN FILM Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Warner Bros.

David Goyer (Godzilla, Dark City) is easily one of the most successful screenwriters in the comic book film genre. He’s responsible for helping Warner Bros. reboot both DC heroes Batman (Batman Begins, Dark Knight, Dark Knight Rises) and Superman (Man of Steel) for modern audiences. He also helped Marvel as well writing the Blade trilogy. […]

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  If you haven’t seen recent Marvel films including Thor: The Dark World there are major spoilers ahead.  Marvel Studios seemingly understands how to make their films more entertaining than the previous ones. We saw that The Dark World is easily outdoing the original film with critics and impressive box office numbers. Currently, it’s the […]

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Adam Warlock Teased In THOR: THE DARK WORLD Post-Credits Scene? SPOILERS!

Be warned there are possible spoilers for future films in this article. Marvel is known for setting up their next installments via post-credits scenes. The most recent one for Thor: The Dark World linked that film to Guardians of The Galaxy. Introducing audiences to Benicio Del Toro’s character The Collector. Along with setting up the […]

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